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Vangelis Complete Discography

1970 - Sex Power (Original Soundtrack),
1971 - Aphrodites Child 666 (The Apocalypse Of John 13-18),
1971 - Fais Que Ton R ve Soit Plus Long Que La Nuit,
1973 - Earth,
1973 - L'Apocalypse Des Animaux (Original Soundtrack),
1974 - Cosmos,
1975 - Heaven & Hell,
1975 - Ignacio (Original Soundtrack),
1976 - Albedo 0.39,
1976 - La F te Sauvage (Original Soundtrack),
1977 - Spiral (Remastered),
1978 - Beaubourg,
1978 - Hypothesis,
1978 - The Best Of Vangelis (Limited Edition),
1979 - China, 1979 - Odes (Vangelis & Irene Papas),
1979 - Op ra Sauvage (Original Soundtrack),
1980 - See You Later,
1980 - Short Stories (Jon & Vangelis),
1981 - Chariots Of Fire (Original Soundtrack),
1981 - The Friends Of Mr. Cairo (Jon & Vangelis),
1982 - Missing (Original Soundtrack),
1983 - Antarctica (Original Soundtrack),
1983 - Private Collection (Jon & Vangelis),
1984 - Silent Portraits,
1984 - Soil Festivities,
1984 - The Best Of Jon & Vangelis (Jon & Vangelis),
1984 - The Bounty (Original Soundtrack),
1985 - Invisible Connections,
1985 - Mask,
1986 - Rapsodies (Vangelis & Irene Papas),
1988 - Direct,
1988 - Sauvage Et Beau,
1989 - Themes,
1990 - The City,
1991 - Greatest Hits (1975-1981),
1991 - Page Of Life (Jon & Vangelis),
1992 - 1492: Conquest Of Paradise (Original Soundtrack),
1994 - Best In Space,
1994 - Blade Runner (Original Soundtrack),
1994 - Change We Must (Jon & Vangelis),
1994 - Chronicles (Jon & Vangelis),
1995 - Bitter Moon,
1995 - Mundo Magico De Vangelis,
1995 - Themes II,
1995 - Voices,
1996 - A Separate Affair (Neuronium & Vangelis),
1996 - Ask The Mountains (Vangelis & Stina Nordenstam),
1996 - Gift,
1996 - Oceanic,
1996 - Portraits (So Long Ago, So Clear),
1998 - El Greco,
1998 - The Dragon,
2000 - Cousteau (Original Soundtrack),
2000 - Picasso,
2000 - Relaxation (Vangelis & Llewellyn),
2000 - Reprise (1990-1999),
2001 - Mythodea (Music For The NASA Mission:
2001 - Mars Odyssey),
2003 - Odyssey (The Definitive Collection),
2004 - Alexander (Original Soundtrack),
2007 - Blade Runner Trilogy: 25th Anniversary (Original Soundtrack),
2007 - El Greco (Original Soundtrack),
2008 - Swiadectwo (Original Soundtrack),
2008 - The Best Of Instrumental Works


01. Future Trance United - Face 2 Face
02. Scooter - Nessaja
03. Brooklyn Bounce - Bass, Beats And Melody
04. Groove Coverage - Moonlight Shadow
05. Cascada - Everytime We Touch 2006
06. Baracuda - I Leave The World Today
07. Rocco - Everybody
08. Darude - Sandstorm
09. Barthezz - On The Move
10. Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400
11. Starsplash - Wonderful Days
12. Special D - Come With Me
13. Paffendorf - Where Are You?
14. Andr Visior - Speed Up (Luvstruck 2002)
15. Snap! - Rhythm Is A Dancer 2003
16. Culture Beat - Mr. Vain (Recall)
17. Pulsedriver - Cambodia
18. Da Hool - Meet Her At The Loveparade
19. Members Of Mayday - Sonic Empire
20. Paul van Dyk - We Are Alive
21. ATB - 9 PM (Till I Come)
22. Robert Miles - Children
23. Sylver - Turn The Tide
24. DJ Sammy & Yanou feat. Do - Heaven
25. Lasgo - Something
26. Rollergirl - Dear Jessie
27. Blank And Jones - The Nightfly
28. Tiesto - Adagio For Strings
29. Cosmic Gate - Exploration Of Space
30. Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar
31. Mark 'Oh - Love Song
32. Safri-Duo - Played-A-Live
33. Gigi D'Agostino - L'Amour Toujours
34. Elektrochemie LK - Schall
35. Benny Benassi - Satisfaction
36. Global Deejays - The Sound Of San Francisco
37. Eric Prydz vs. Floyd - Proper Education
38. Fedde Le Grand - Put Your Hands Up For Detroit


001.Led Zeppelin-1971-Led Zeppelin IV-04-Stairway To Heaven
002.Jimi Hendrix-1984-Kiss The Sky-07-Purple Haze
003.The Devil's Rejects-24-Lynyrd Skynyrd-Free Bird
004.ACDC-1980-Back In Black-07-You Shook Me All Night Long
005.Black Sabbath-2004-Black Box..1970-1978-08-Paranoid
006a.Van Halen-1978-Van Halen-02-Eruption
006b.Van Halen-1978-Van Halen-03-You Really Got Me
007.Queen-1991-A Night At the Opera-10-Bohemian Rhapsody
008.Rush-1981-Moving Pictures-01-Tom Sawyer
009.Aerosmith-1988-Toys In the Attic-06-Sweet Emotion
010.The Who-1971-Who's Next-09-Won't Get Fooled Again
011.Ozzy Osbourne-1980-Beast In The Darkness-12-Crazy Train
012.Nirvana-1991-Nevermind-01-Smells Like Teen Spirit
013.The Rolling Stones-1968-Beggars Banquet-01-Sympathy For The Devil
014.ACDC-1979-Highway To Hell-01-Highway To Hell
015.Pink Floyd-1988-Delicate Sound Of Thunder-01-Another Brick In The Wall, Part Ii
016.Metallica-1991-Metallica-01-Enter Sandman
017.Jimi Hendrix-2002-Blue Wild Angel-11-Foxey Lady
018.Guns N' Roses-1987-Appetite For Destruction-01-Welcome To The Jungle
019.Led Zeppelin-1969-Led Zeppelin II-01-Whole Lotta Love
020.Pearl Jam-1991-Ten-03-Alive
021.Van Halen-1978-Van Halen-01-Runnin' With The Devil
022.Eric Clapton-1977-Slowhand-01-Cocaine
023.Alice In Chains-1990-Facelift-02-Man In The Box
024.Rush-1976-2112-01-2112 (Overture; The Temples Of Syrinx; Discovery; Presentation; Oracle The Dream; Soliloquy; Grand Finale)
025.Aerosmith-1973-Aerosmith-03-Dream On
026.The Doors-1971-The Best Of The Doors-01-Break On Through (To The Other Side)
027.Ted Nugent-1975-Ted Nugent-01-Stranglehold
028.Heart-1977-Little Queen-01-Barracuda
030.Rolling Stones-2002-Forty Licks-03-(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
031.Black Sabbath-2004-Black Box..1970-1978-10-Iron Man
032.Boston-1976-Boston-03-ForeplayLong Time
033.Led Zeppelin-1971-Led Zeppelin IV-01-Black Dog
034.ACDC-1980-Back In Black-06-Back In Black
035.Queen-1981-Greatest Hits-17-We Are The Champions
036.Scorpions-1984-Love at First Sting-02-Rock You Like A Hurricane
037.The Who-1971-Who's Next-01-Baba O'Riley
038.Gta Vice City O.S.T. - Vol 1 V-Rock-02-Judas Priest-You've Got Another Thing Comin'
039.Deep Purple-Woman From Tokyo
040.Rush-1981-Moving Pictures-04-Limelight
041.Def Leppard-1983-Pyromania-07-Rock Of Ages
042.The Doors-1967-The Doors-06-Light My Fire
043.La Grange-Zz Top
044.Led Zeppelin-1971-Led Zeppelin IV-02-Rock And Roll
045.Boston-1976-Boston-01-More Than A Feeling
046.Van Halen-1978-Van Halen-06-Jamie's Cryin'
047.Eagles-1976-Hotel California-01-Hotel California
048.Ozzy Osbourne-1981-Diary Of A Madman-02-Flying High Again
050.Jimi Hendrix-2002-Blue Wild Angel-04-All Along The Watchtower
051.Lynyrd Skynyrd-1999-20th Century Masters-01-Sweet Home Alabama
052.Rush-1990-Chronicles-02-Working Man
053.Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers-1993-Tom Petty Greatest Hits-02-Breakdown
054.Aerosmith-1988-Toys In the Attic-04-Walk this Way
055.Guns N' Roses-1987-Appetite For Destruction-09-Sweet Child O' Mine
056.Led Zeppelin-1970-Led Zeppelin III-01-Immigrant Song
058.Ultimate Seventies - 1978 - 08 - Joe Walsh - Life's Been Good
059.Van Halen-1978-Van Halen-10-Ice Cream Man
060.Queensr?che-1990-Empire-08-Silent Lucidity
061.Pink Floyd-1994-The Wall-19-Comfortably numb
062.ACDC-1976-Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap-01-Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
063.Bad Company-1985-10 From 6-06-Bad Company
064.Scorpions-1980-Animal Magnetism-08-The Zoo
065.Rolling Stones-2002-Forty Licks-29-Shattered
066.Ted Nugent-1990-Cat Scratch Fever-01-Cat Scratch Fever
068.Temple of the Dog-1991-Temple of the Dog-03-Hunger Strike
070.The Who-1999-The Kids Are Alright-01-My Generation
071.Metallica-1986-Master of Puppets-02-Master of Puppets
072.George Thorogood & The Destroy-2004-Greatest Hits 30 Years of Rock-05-Bad To The Bone
073.Peter Frampton-1987-Classics Volume 12-13-Do You Feel Like We Do.mp3 15.7 MB
074.Van Halen-1979-Van Halen II-10-Beautiful Girls
075.Stevie Ray Vaughan-2000-Last Farewell-03-Look At Little Sister
076.Derek And The Dominos-1970-Layla And Other Assorted Love-13-Layla
077.Rush-1994-Come To A Standstill-02-Spirit Of Radio
078.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - A Knight's Tale - Takin' Care of Business
079.Nazareth-hair of the dog
081.ACDC-1975-High Voltage-01-It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock'n'roll)
082.Steve Miller Band-1997-Greatest Hits-09-The Joker
084.Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear The Reaper
085.Pink Floyd-1973-Dark Side Of The Moon-05-Money
086.Soundgarden-1994-Superunknown-07-Black Hole Sun
087.Judas Priest-2004-Metalogy-23-Living After Midnight
088.Led Zeppelin-1975-Physical Graffiti-06-Kashmir
089.Kingsmen-Louie Louie
091.The Police-1993-Message In A Box-19-Roxanne
092.The Who-1969-Tommy-13-Pinball Wizard
093.Rolling Stones-1981-Tattoo you-01-Start me up
095.Aerosmith-1993-Rocks-01-Back in the Saddle
096.The Doors-1990-L.A. Woman-05-L.A. Woman
097.Def Leppard-1983-Pyromania-02-Photograph
098.Sammy Hagar-1994-Unboxed-10-I Can't Drive 55
099.Ultimate Seventies - 1970 - 20 - Free - All Right Now
100.Born To Be Wild-Steppenwolf 
101.ACDC-1981-For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)-01-For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)
102.Boston-1978-Don't Look Back-01-Don't Look Back
103.Stone Temple Pilots-1992-Core-09-Plush
104.Rush-1976-2112-02-A Passage To Bangkok
105.The Kinks-1982-Give The People Want-06-Destroyer
107.Deep Purple-1998-30 Years - The Very Best Of-08-Smoke On The Water
108.Van Halen-1983-1984-03-Panama
109.Jethro Tull-1973-Aqualung-01-Aqualung
110.Ted Nugent-2001-Full Bluntal Nugity-11-Great White Buffalo
111.Heart-1976-Dreamboat Annie-03-Crazy On You
112.Led Zeppelin-1968-Led Zeppelin I-04-Dazed And Confused
113.Supertramp-1974-Crime Of The Century-01-School
114.Scorpions-1982-Blackout-03-No One Like You
115.The Who-1978-Who Are You-09-Who Are You
116.Pearl Jam-1991-Ten-06-Jeremy
117.ACDC-1979-Highway To Hell-04-Touch Too Much
118.Best Collection - The Best Heavy Metal Album Ever-08-Mountain-Mississippi Queen
119.Pink Floyd-1975-Wish You Were Here-03-Have a Cigar
120.Rainbow-Man On The Silver Mountain
122.Led Zeppelin-1969-Led Zeppelin II-05-Heartbreaker
123.Ozzy Osbourne-1980-Secret Songs-14-Close My Eyes Forever
124.Thin Lizzy-Jailbreak
125.Black Sabbath-2004-Black Box..1970-1978-15-Sweet Leaf
126.Jimi Hendrix-1967-Jimi at the Beeb-07-Fire
127.ZZ Top-Jesus Just Left Chicago
128.Judas Priest-Love Bites
129.The Doors-1970-Morrison Hotel-07-Roadhouse Blues
130.Van Halen-1980-Women And Children First-02-Everybody Wants Some!!
131.Nirvana-2002-Nirvana-13-All Apologies
132.Blow - 01 - Rolling Stones - Can't You Hear Me Knocking
133.ACDC-1975-High Voltage-05-T.N.T
134.David Bowie-1972-Ziggy Stardust-10-Suffragette City
135.Led Zeppelin-1990-Box Set-43-The Ocean
137.Dukes Of Hazzard-13-James Gang-Funk #49
138.Iron Maiden-2005-Edward The Great-02-The Number Of The Beast
140.Mother Love Bone-Chloe Dancer
141.Led Zeppelin-1969-Led Zeppelin II-07-Ramble On
142.Dio-1983-Holy Diver-08-Rainbow In The Dark
143.Cream-1967-Disraeli Gears-02-Sunshine of Your Love
144.Metallica-1988-...And Justice for All-04-One
145.Rush-1990-Chronicles-10-Closer To The Heart
146.Bad Company-1985-10 From 6-01-Can't Get Enough
147.Ozzy Osbourne-1981-Diary Of A Madman-03-You Can't Kill Rock And Roll
148.Heart-1976-Dreamboat Annie-01-Magic Man
149.Van Halen-1978-Van Halen-04-Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
150.Lynyrd Skynyrd-1989-Skynyrd's Innyrds-04-Gimme Three Steps
151.Queensryche-I Don't Believe in Love
152.Best Collection - The Best Rock Album Ever-16-Yes-Owner Of A Lonely Heart
153.ACDC-1979-Highway To Hell-02-Girls Got Rhythm
154.Red Rider-Lunatic Fringe
155.Grateful Dead-1974-Best of Skeletons From the Closet Greatest Hits-07-Casey Jones
156.White Zombie - 1995 - Astro Creep_ 2000 - 08-More Human Than Human
157.Aerosmith-1974-Get Your Wings-01-Same Old Song and Dance
158.Living Color-Cult Of Personality
159.Grand Funk Railroad-1973-We're An American Band-01-We're An American Band
160.Kiss-1982-Killers-09-Detroit Rock City
161.The Who-1969-Tommy-24-We're Not Gonna Take It
162.Pink Floyd-1988-Delicate Sound Of Thunder-14-Wish You Were Here
163.Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers-1993-Tom Petty Greatest Hits-01-American Girl
164.Van Halen-1979-Van Halen II-02-Dance The Night Away
166.Led Zeppelin-1990-Box Set-24-D'yer Mak'er
167.George Thorogood & The Destroy-2004-Greatest Hits 30 Years of Rock-03-One Bourbon, One Scotch, One B
168.Ted Nugent-2001-Full Bluntal Nugity-05-Free For All
170.The Beatles-2000-#1-25-Come Together
172.U2-1987-The Joshua Tree-03-With Or Without You
173.Rush-1975-Fly By Night-05-Fly By Night
174.Elvis Presley-1958-Elvis Golden Records-05-Jailhouse Rock
175.Pete Townshend-1980-Empty Glass-01-Rough Boys
177.ACDC-1980-Back In Black-01-Hells Bells
180.Jane's Addiction-1987-Jane's Addiction-07-Jane Says
181.Bob Dylan-1966-Blonde on Blonde-01-Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
182.Led Zeppelin-1968-Led Zeppelin I-01-Good Times, Bad Times
183.Pearl Jam-1991-Ten-02-Even Flow
185.Van Halen-1980-Women And Children First-01-And The Cradle Will Rock
187.Rush-1981-Moving Pictures-02-Red Barchetta
188.Filter-1995-Short Bus-01-Hey Man, Nice Shot
189.1980 #083 - Pat Benatar - Heartbreaker (Chrysalis)
190.Metallica-1984-Ride The Lightning-03-For Whom The Bell Tolls
191.Jimi Hendrix-1984-Kiss The Sky-03-Voodoo Child (slight return)
192.ZZ Top-1987-El Loco-01-Tube Snake Boogie
193.Ozzy Osbourne-1980-Blizzard Of Ozz-06-Mr. Crowley
194.Robert Plant-1983-The Principle Of Moments-02-In The Mood
195.Pink Floyd-1973-Dark Side Of The Moon-03-Time
196.Alice In Chains - Would
197.Eagles-1976-Hotel California-03-Life In The Fast Lane
198.ACDC-1979-Highway To Hell-06-Shot Down In Flames
199.The Rolling Stones-1977-Love You Live-15-It's only Rock'n Roll
200.Def Leppard-1981-High 'n' Dry-04-Bringin' On The Heartbreak 
 201.Temple of the Dog-1991-Temple of the Dog-01-Say Hello 2 Heaven
202.Led Zeppelin-1969-Led Zeppelin II-02-What Is And What Should Never Be
205.Creedence Clearwater Revival-1969-Willie and the Poor Boys-06-Fortunate Son
207.Rush-1990-Chronicles-11-The Trees
208.Humble Pie-30 Day In The Hole
209.Creed-1997-My Own Prison-03-My Own Prison
210.Black Sabbath-The Wizard
211.Lynyrd Skynyrd-1989-Skynyrd's Innyrds-10-What's Your Name
212.Alice Cooper - Eighteen
213.U2-1983-War-03-New Year's Day
215.ACDC-1978-If You Want Blood (You Got it)-06-Whole Lotta Rosie
216.Judas Priest-The Green Manalishi
217.Queen-1981-Greatest Hits-04-Fat Bottomed Girls
218.Nirvana-1991-Nevermind-02-In Bloom
219.Van Halen-1978-Van Halen-08-Feel Your Love Tonight
220.Guns N' Roses-1987-Appetite For Destruction-06-Paradise City
221.The Who-1971-Who's Next-08-Behind Blue Eyes
222.Stone Temple Pilots-1994-Purple-04-Interstate Love Song
223.The Firm-Radioactive
224.Motley Crue-1983-Shout At The Devil-03-Looks That Kill
225.The Cult-1987-Electric-08-Love Removal Machine
226.Led Zeppelin-1975-Physical Graffiti-05-Trampled Under Foot
227.Green Day-1994-Dookie-04-Long View
228.Dio-1983-Holy Diver-02-Holy Diver
229.Rush-1977-A Farewell To Kings-02-Xanadu
230.T. Rex-Bang A Gong (Get It On)
231.ACDC-1990-The Razors Edge-01-Thunderstruck
232.Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers-1979-Damn the Torpedoes-01-Refugee
233.Pearl Jam-1993-Vs.-03-Daughter251.Ozzy Osbourne-1980-Blizzard Of Ozz-03-Goodbye to Romance
234.Pink Floyd-1988-Delicate Sound Of Thunder-08-Run Like Hell
235.David Bowie-1969-Space Oddity-01-Space Oddity
237.Ted Nugent-1975-Ted Nugent-03-Hey Baby.mp3
238.Offspring-Come Out and Play
239.Led Zeppelin-1990-Box Set-27-Misty Mountain Hop.mp3
240.Alice In Chains-1992-Dirt-05-Rooster.mp3
241.The Doors - The Doors Soundtrack - 05 - The End.mp3
242.Sammy Hagar-1994-Unboxed-04-There's Only One Way to Rock.mp3
243.Metallica-1986-Master of Puppets-04-Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
246.Aerosmith-1974-Get Your Wings-06-Train Kept a Rollin'
247.Kansas-Carry On My Wayward Son
248.Great White-2002-Rock Me-05-Rock Me
249.ACDC-1978-Powerage-05-Sin City
250.1987 - #035 - Georgia Satellites - Keep Your Hands To Yourself (Elek
252.Alice Cooper-1972-School's Out-01-School's Out
253.Van Halen-1983-1984-02-Jump
254.Triumph-Magic Power
255.Queensr?che-1990-Empire-03-Jet City Woman
256.Led Zeppelin-2003-How the West Was Won-08-Going to California
257.Pearl Jam-1991-Ten-05-Black
259.Metallica-1991-Black Album-04-The Unforgiven
260.April Wine - Roller
261.Steve Miller Band-1997-Greatest Hits-05-Rock'n Me
262.Soundgarden-1991-Badmotorfinger-01-Rusty Cage
263.Pink Floyd-1973-Dark Side Of The Moon-08-Brain Damage
264.ACDC-1976-Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap-08-Ride On
265.Stevie Ray Vaughn - Little Wing
266.Def Leppard-1981-High 'n' Dry-03-High 'n' Dry (Saturday Night)
267.Rolling Stones-2002-Forty Licks-18-Honky Tonk Women
268.Scorpions-1988-Savage Amusement-02-Rhythm Of Love
269.Jimi Hendrix-1984-Kiss The Sky-08-Red House
271.John Lennon-1997-Lennon Legend-02-Instant Karma!
272.Black Sabbath-2004-Black Box..1970-1978-07-War Pigs
273.Foo Fighters-1995-Foo Fighters-02-I'll Stick Around
274.Billy Squier - The Best Of - 15 - The Stroke
275.Bush-1994-Sixteen Stone-01-Everything Zen
276.Led Zeppelin-1975-Physical Graffiti-02-The Rover
277.Guess Who-1997-Guess Who Ultimate Collection-12-American Woman
278.1984 - #089 - Ratt - Round & Round
279.Lynyrd Skynyrd-1989-Skynyrd's Innyrds-11-That Smell
280.ACDC-1975-High Voltage-03-The Jack
281.Live-1994-Throwing Copper-05-Lightning Crashes
282.Led Zeppelin-1990-Box Set-14-Hey Hey What Can I Do
283.Scorpions-1984-Love at First Sting-09-Still Loving You
284.Pink Floyd-1994-The Wall-09-Young lust
285.The Doors-1971-The Best Of The Doors-12-Hello, I Love You
287.Boston-1976-Boston-04-Rock & Roll Band
288.Cheap Trick-1991-The Greatest Hits-09-Surrender
289.White Zombie-1992-La Sexorcisto Devil Music, Vol. 1-03-Thunder Kiss '65
290.George Thorogood & The Destroy-2004-Greatest Hits 30 Years of Rock-08-I Drink Alone
291.Van Halen-(Oh) Pretty Woman
292.Queen-1981-Greatest Hits-03-Killer Queen
293.Yes-1981-Classic Yes-08-Roundabout
294.Tool-1993-Undertow-02-Prison Sex
295.Foghat-Fool For The City
296.ACDC-1979-Highway To Hell-10-Night Prowler
297.ZZ Top-1975-Fandango-09-Tush
298.Best Collection - The Best Heavy Metal Album Ever-34-Queensryche-Eyes Of A Stranger
299.Led Zeppelin-1979-In Through The Out Door-01-In The Evening
300.Rush-2000-Different Stages-38-In The Mood 
 301.Rick Derringer-2003-Greatest & Latest-01-Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo
302.Sammy Hagar-1994-Unboxed-05-Heavy Metal
303.Neil Young-Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
304.Best Collection - The Best Heavy Metal Album Ever-10-Judas Priest-Breaking The Law
305.Stevie Ray Vaughn - Pride And Joy
307.Bloody Well Right
308.Soundgarden-1996-Down On The Upside-07-Burden In My Hand
309.Pink Floyd-1975-Wish You Were Here-02-Welcome to the Machine
310.Whitesnake-1987-Whitesnake-04-Here I Go Again
311.Nirvana-1991-Nevermind-03-Come As You Are
312.Aerosmith-1993-Rocks-02-Last Child
313.Best Collection - The Best Rock Album Ever II-41-Lou Reed-Take A Walk On The Wild Side
315.Van Halen-Dancing In The Street
316.Smashing Pumpkins-1993-Siamese Dream-01-Cherub Rock
317.Molly Hatchet-1992-Greatest Hits-09-Dreams I'll Never See
319.Megadeth-1992-Countdown to Extinction-02-Symphony Of Destruction
321.Ozzy Osbourne-1991-No More Tears-05-No More Tears
322.Led Zeppelin-1968-Led Zeppelin I-09-How Many More Times
323.Green Day-1994-Dookie-10-When I Come Around
324.Scorpions-1979-Lovedrive-01-Loving You Sunday Morning
325.ZZ Top-1979-Deguello-09-Cheap Sunglasses
326.Jerry Lee Lewis-Great Balls Of Fire
327.Metallica-1991-Metallica-02-Sad but True
328.The Who-1971-Who's Next-02-Bargain
329.Alice In Chains-1995-Alice In Chains-04-Heaven Beside You
330.Kiss-1982-Killers-03-Cold Gin
331.Soundgarden-1994-Superunknown-03-Fell On Black Days
332.Led Zeppelin-1990-Box Set-17-Over The Hills And Far Away
333.Pantera-Planet Caravan
334.Pink Floyd-Hey You
335.Pearl Jam-1994-Vitalogy-11-Better Man
336.Rolling Stones-1973-Goats Head Soup-04-Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
337.Def Leppard-1983-Pyromania-06-Foolin'
338.The Kinks-2002-Ultimate Collection-19-Lola
339.Black Crowes-1990-Shake Your Money Maker-02-Jealous Again
340.ACDC-1980-Back In Black-02-Shoot To Thrill
341.Queen-1976-A Day At The Races-01-Tie Your Mother Down
342.Whitesnake-1984-Slide It In-06-Slow An' Easy
343.Jeff Beck-I Aint Superstitious
345.Jimi Hendrix-2002-Blue Wild Angel-15-Hey Joe
346.Led Zeppelin-1968-Led Zeppelin I-07-Communication Breakdown
348..Steve Miller Band-1997-Greatest Hits-04-Jungle Love
349.Toadies-Possum Kingdom
350.Ozzy Osbourne-1983-Bark At The Moon-01-Bark At The Moon
351.The Doors-1969-The Soft Parade-07-Touch Me
352.ACDC-1976-Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap-03-Big Balls
353.Bachman Turner Overdrive - You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
354.Soundgarden-1989-Louder Than Love-02-Hands All Over
355.Pink Floyd-1988-Delicate Sound Of Thunder-13-Us And Them
356.Def Leppard-1987-Hysteria-04-Love Bites
357.The Allman Brothers Band-2005-Gold-22-Ramblin' Man
358.Van Halen-So This Is Love
361.Rush-1990-Chronicles-20-New World Man
362.Foo Fighters-1995-Foo Fighters-04-Alone+Easy Target
364.Led Zeppelin-1973-Houses Of The Holy-02-The Rain Song
365.Scorpions-1990-Crazy World-04-Wind Of Change
366.Bad Company-1985-10 From 6-02-Feel Like Makin' Love
367.Stone Temple Pilots-Big Empty
368.ACDC-1980-Back In Black-10-Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution
369.Live-1994-Throwing Copper-03-I Alone
371.Aerosmith-1994-Big Ones-11-The Other Side
372.Deep Purple-2003-The Universal Masters Collection-01-Knocking At Your Back Door
373.Megadeth-1992-Countdown to Extinction-04-Foreclosure Of A Dream
374.The J. Geils Band-1985-Flashback - Best Of-01-Love Stinks
375.Black Crowes-1990-Shake Your Money Maker-06-Hard To Handle
376.The Doors-1971-The Best Of The Doors-15-Riders On The Storm
377.Metallica-1996-Load-06-Hero Of The Day
378.Montrose-Bad Motor Scooter
379.The Cars-Just What I Needed
381.Grateful Dead-1974-Best of Skeletons From the Closet Greatest Hits-02-Truckin'
382.Guns N' Roses-1991-Use Your Illusion I-10-November Rain
383.The Who-2004-Then And Now (1964-2004)-15-Love, Reign O'er Me
384.Pearl Jam-2004-Rearviewmirror (Greatest Hits 1991-2003)-33-Yellow Ledbetter
385.Bad Company-1985-10 From 6-07-Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy
386.Jane's Addiction-1990-Ritual De Lo Habitual-05-Been Caught Stealing
387.Van Halen-1983-1984-06-Hot for teacher
388.Heart-2002-The Essential Heart-12-Even It Up
389.Judas Priest-1981-Point Of Entry-01-Heading Out To The Highway
390.Alice In Chains-1995-Alice In Chains-06-Again
391.ZZ Top-1987-El Loco-10-Party on the Patio
392.Led Zeppelin-1968-Led Zeppelin I-05-Your Time is Gonna Come
393.Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers-1979-Damn the Torpedoes-02-Here Comes My Girl
395.1967 - Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit
396.Triumph-Fight The Good Fight
397.Mother Love Bone-1992-Stardog Champion-02-Stardog Champion
398.Jimi Hendrix-1967-Axis Bold as Love-06-Little Wing
399.The Cult-1989-Sonic Temple-04-Edie (Ciao Baby)
400.Neil Young-This Note's For You 
401.The Beatles-1973-Hey Jude-06-Revolution
402.Black Sabbath-2004-Black Box..1970-1978-22-Into the Void
404.Nirvana-2002-Nirvana-09-Heart Shaped Box
405.Led Zeppelin-1969-Led Zeppelin II-09-Bring It On Home
406.Guns N' Roses-1986-Lies-05-Patience
407.Days Of The New-Touch, Peel And Stand
408.Pink Floyd-1994-The Wall-06-Mother
409.April Wine-1991-Harder Faster-01-I Like To Rock
412.Iron Maiden-2005-Edward The Great-01-Run To The Hills
413.Stevie Ray Vaughn - Crossfire
414.Def Leppard-1987-Hysteria-05-Pour Some Sugar On Me
415.Ultimate Seventies - 1971 - 04 - Rod Stewart - (I Know) I'm Losing You
416.Ozzy Osbourne-1980-Blizzard Of Ozz-05-Suicide Solution
417.Foo Fighters-1997-The Colour And The Shape-02-Monkey Wrench
418.ZZ Top-1983-Eliminator-01-Gimme All Your Lovin
419.ACDC-1990-The Razors Edge-03-Moneytalks
420.Queen-1981-Greatest Hits-10-Somebody To Love
421.oundgarden-1996-Down On The Upside-01-Pretty Noose
422.Lynyrd Skynyrd-1989-Skynyrd's Innyrds-13-Call Me the Breeze
423.Motley Crue-1989-Dr. Feelgood-02-Dr. Feelgood
424.Led Zeppelin-1975-Physical Graffiti-04-Houses Of The Holy
425.Alice In Chains-1992-Dirt-01-Them Bones
426.Cheap Trick-1991-The Greatest Hits-08-Ain't That a Shame (Live)
427.George Thorogood & The Destroy-2004-Greatest Hits 30 Years of Rock-02-Who Do You Love
428.Van Halen-1996-Best Of Volume 1-06-Unchained
429.Eric Clapton-1980-Just One Night-08-After Midnight
430.Metallica-1991-Metallica-08-Nothing Else Matters
431.The Rolling Stones-1969-Let It Bleed-09-You Can't Always Get What You Want
432.James Gang-Walk Away
433.Aerosmith-1994-Big Ones-06-Janie's Got A Gun
434.The Doors-1967-The Doors-07-Back Door Man
435.U2-1984-The Unforgettable Fire-02-Pride
436.Bush-1994-Sixteen Stone-04-Little Things
437.Led Zeppelin-1969-Led Zeppelin II-03-The Lemon Song
438.Pearl Jam-1993-Vs.-04-Glorified G
439.Foreigner-1982-Records-08-Juke Box Hero
440.ACDC-1975-High Voltage-04-Live Wire
441.Bon Jovi-1994-Crossroad-05-Wanted Dead Or Alive
442.David Essex-Rock On
443.Rush-1990-Chronicles-01-Finding My Way
444.Steve Miller Band-1997-Greatest Hits-03-Jet Airliner
446.Kenny Wayne Shepherd-Blue on Black
447.Whitesnake-1987-Whitesnake-03-Still Of The Night
448.Aerosmith-1987-Permanent Vacation-05-Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
449.Billy Thorpe-Children Of The Sun
450.Van Halen-1983-1984-07-I'll wait
452.Led Zeppelin-1971-Led Zeppelin IV-08-When The Levee Breaks
454.Neil Young-Cinnamon Girl
455.Screaming Trees-1996-Dust-02-All I Know
456.Kiss-1976-Rock And Roll Over-03-Calling Dr. Love
457.Pink Floyd-Shine On You Crazy Diamond
458.Nirvana-1994-Unplugged in New York-10-Plateau
459.Judas Priest-1982-Screaming For Vengeance-02-Electric Eye
460.Meat Puppets-Backwater
461.The Allman Brothers Band-2005-Gold-11-Statesboro Blues (Live)
462.Lenny Kravitz-1998-5-08-Fly Away
463.Metallica-1984-Ride The Lightning-04-Fade To Black
464.Led Zeppelin-1968-Led Zeppelin I-02-Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You
465.Alice In Chains-1994-Jar Of Flies-06-Don't Follow
467.Alice Cooper-1973-Billion Dollar Babies-04-Billion Dollar Babies
468.Aerosmith-1994-Big Ones-02-Love In An Elevator
469.Rolling Stones-2002-Forty Licks-17-Paint It Black
470.Ozzy Osbourne-1991-No More Tears-03-Mama, I'm Coming Home
471.The Who-1974-Odds & Sods-17-Long Live Rock
472.Soundgarden-1996-Down On The Upside-06-Blow Up The Outside World
473.Molly Hatchet-2001-Flirtin' With Disaster-06-Flirtin' With Disaster
474.The Presidents Of The United States Of America-1995-The Presidents Of The United States Of America-03-Lump
475.Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers-1993-Tom Petty Greatest Hits-13-Runnin' Down A Dream
476.Queensr?che-1990-Empire-05-Another Rainy Night (Without You)
477.ZZ Top-1987-El Loco-07-Pearl Necklace
478.Rush-Entre Nous
480.Romantics - What I Like About You
481.U2-1988-Rattle And Hum-06-I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
482.Led Zeppelin-1971-Led Zeppelin IV-03-The Battle Of Evermore
483.Alice In Chains-1994-Jar Of Flies-04-No Excuses
484.Queen-1992-Greatest Hits-13-Keep Yourself Alive
485.Van Halen-1986-5150-06-Best Of Both Worlds
486.FastWay-Say What You Will
488.Led Zeppelin-1969-Led Zeppelin II-08-Moby Dick
489.Dream Theater-Pull Me Under
490.Gary Hoey - Animal Instinct - 03 - Hocus Pocus
491.Megadeth-1986-Peace Sell...But Who's Buying-03-Peace Sells
492.The Doors-1990-L.A. Woman-09-The WASP (Texas Radio and The Big Beat)
493.Pink Floyd-1987-Momentary Lapse of Reason-02-Learning to Fly
494.Nirvana-1994-Unplugged in New York-14-Where Did You Sleep Last Night
495.Aldo Nova-1991-A Portrait Of Aldo Nova-01-Fantasy
496.Jimi Hendrix-1984-Kiss The Sky-01-Are You Experienced
497.Pearl Jam-Crazy Mary
498.The Rolling Stones-1969-Let It Bleed-06-Midnight Rambler
499.ACDC-1977-Let There Be Rock-03-Let There be Rock
500.The Cars-Bye Bye Love 
 501.Dio-1984-The Last In Line-02-The Last In Line
502.Everclear-2004-Ten Years Gone The Best Of Everclear 1994-2004-02-Santa Monica
503.Aerosmith-1973-Aerosmith-05-Mama Kin
504Foo Fighters-1997-The Colour And The Shape-11-Everlong
505.Billy Squier - The Best Of - 11 - My Kinda Lover
506.Rush-1975-Fly By Night-08-In The End
507.Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers-1993-Tom Petty Greatest Hits-17-Mary Jane's Last Dance
508.Alice In Chains-1990-Facelift-03-Sea Of Sorrow
509.Def Leppard-1983-Pyromania-04-Too Late
510.Led Zeppelin-1975-Physical Graffiti-13-Boogie With Stu
512.Cheap Trick-1979-Dream Police-01-Dream Police
513.Metallica-1996-Load-05-King Nothing
514.Boston-1976-Boston-06-Hitch A Ride
515.The Who-2004-Then And Now (1964-2004)-14-515
516.Logical Song (Supertramp)
517.Screaming Trees-2005-Ocean Of Confusion-06-Nearly Lost You
518.Donnie Iris-Ah! Leah!
519.Bad Company-1985-10 From 6-05-Movin' On
520.Best Collection - The Best Heavy Metal Album Ever-19-Quiet Riot-Cum On Feel The Noize
521.Offspring-Self Esteem
522.Ozzy Osbourne-1981-Diary Of A Madman-01-Over The Mountain
523.Deep Purple-1998-30 Years - The Very Best Of-16-Perfect Stranger
524.Led Zeppelin-1990-Box Set-35-Dancing Days
525.U2-1991-Achtung Baby-08-Mysterious ways
526.Thin Lizzy-Cowboy Song
527.Van Halen-1983-1984-05-Drop dead legs
529.Stone Temple Pilots-1992-Core-02-Sex Type Thing
531.Aerosmith-1987-Classics Live II-08-Toys In The Attic
532.Michael Schenker Group-On And On
533.Alice In Chains-1992-SAP-02-Got Me Wrong
534.Pink Floyd-1973-Dark Side Of The Moon-02-Breathe
535.Scorpions-1979-Lovedrive-03-Always Somewhere
536.Megadeth-1997-Cryptic Writings-01-Trust
537.The Rolling Stones-1969-Let It Bleed-01-Gimme Shelter
538.Pearl Jam-1993-Vs.-08-Rearviewmirror
539.Led Zeppelin-1970-Led Zeppelin III-06-Gallows Pole
540.Soundgarden-1994-Superunknown-10-The Day I Tried To Live
541.Rainbow-Stone Cold
542.Queensryche-Queen Of The Reich
544.Creed-1997-My Own Prison-01-Torn
545.Rush-1990-Chronicles-06-Lakeside Park
546.The Doors-1971-The Best Of The Doors-17-Love Her Madly
547.Alice In Chains-1992-Dirt-12-Down In A Hole
548.Angel City-Face The Day
553.Black Sabbath-NIB
554.Zebra-Tell Me What You Want
556.Def Leppard-1987-Hysteria-03-Animal
557.Led Zeppelin-1979-In Through The Out Door-03-Fool In The Rain
558.Scorpions-1980-Animal Magnetism-06-Falling In Love
559.Tonic-Open Up Your Eyes
560.ZZ Top-1983-Eliminator-03-Sharp Dressed Man
561.Ted Nugent-Live It Up
562.Jimi Hendrix-1985-The Singles Album-05-The Wind Cries Mary
563.Sammy Hagar-1994-Unboxed-07-Baby's On Fire
566.Metallica-1991-Metallica-05-Wherever I May Roam
567.Bad Company-1985-10 From 6-04-Shooting Star
568.U2-1980-Boy-01-I Will Follow
569.Rush-2000-Different Stages-01-Dreamline
570.Queensr?che-1990-Empire-01-Best I Can
571.Led Zeppelin-1990-Box Set-34-No Quarter
572.Nirvana-2002-Nirvana-14-The Man Who Sold The World
573.The Cars-Good Times Roll
575.Alice In Chains-1995-Alice In Chains-01-Grind
576.Queen-1977-News Of The World-07-Get Down, Make Love
577.Pink Floyd-2001-Echoes - The Best Of Pink Floyd-06-One Of These Days
578.The Rolling Stones-1969-Let It Bleed-08-Monkey Man
579.Soundgarden-Into the void(sabbath)
580.Led Zeppelin-1976-Presence-04-Nobody's Fault But Mine
581.Guns N' Roses-1991-Use Your Illusion II-04-Knockin' On Heaven's Door
582.Lynyrd Skynyrd-2001-One More From the Road-09-Gimme Back My Bullets
583.Kiss-1982-Killers-05-Shout It Out Loud
584.Stevie Ray Vaughn - The House Is Rockin'
585.Who-The Real Me
586.ACDC-1979-Highway To Hell-08-If You Want Blood (You've Got It)
587.Black Crowes-1990-Shake Your Money Maker-01-Twice As Hard
588.Quiet Riot-Metal Health
589.Van Halen-Finish What You Started
592.The Cult-1989-Sonic Temple-02-Fire Woman
593.Alice Cooper-1973-Billion Dollar Babies-03-Elected
594.U2-1988-Rattle And Hum-16-Bullet The Blue Sky
595.Led Zeppelin-1971-Led Zeppelin IV-06-Four Sticks
597.Aerosmith-1993-Get A Grip-05-Livin' On The Edge
598.Steve Miller Band-1997-Greatest Hits-08-Take The Money And Run
599.Drivin' N' Cryin'-Fly Me Courageous
600.Goodness - Superwise 
 601.Rush-1981-Moving Pictures-03-YYZ
602.Deep Purple-Space Truckin'
603.Pearl Jam-1991-Ten-01-Once
604.Led Zeppelin-1973-Houses Of The Holy-01-The Song Remains The Same
606.ZZ Top-1983-Eliminator-02-Got Me Under Pressure
608.Aerosmith-1988-Toys In the Attic-05-Big Ten Inch Record
609.Alice In Chains-What The Hell Have I
610.Led Zeppelin-1990-Box Set-11-Travelling Riverside Blues
611.Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers-1978-You're Gonna Get It-06-I Need To Know
612.Bob Seger-1978-Stranger In Town-03-Old Time Rock & Roll
613.Metallica-1998-Garage Inc.-04-Turn The Page - (originally recorded by Bob Seger)
614.Montrose-Space Station #5
615.Best Collection - The Best Pub Jukebox Ever-05-Thin Lizzy-The Boys Are Back In Town
616.Emerson Lake & Palmer-Karn Evil 9 1st Impression part 2
617.ACDC-1979-Highway To Hell-03-Walk All Over You
618.Bad Company-1974-Bad Company-02-Rock Steady
619.Mother Love Bone-1992-Stardog Champion-01-This Is Shangrila
620.The Doors-1971-The Best Of The Doors-08-Five To One
621.Ozzy Osbourne-1983-Bark At The Moon-04-Rock 'N' Roll Rebel
622.Jimi Hendrix-1967-Axis Bold as Love-07-If 6 Was 9
623.Def Leppard-1980-On Through The Night-01-Rock Brigade
624.Gruntruck - Tribe
625.Van Halen-1979-Van Halen II-04-Bottoms Up!
626.Bush-1994-Sixteen Stone-05-Comedown
627.Pink Floyd-1987-Momentary Lapse of Reason-05-On the Turning Away
628.Judas Priest-2004-Metalogy-47-Turbo Lover
630.Ufo-Lights Out
631.Megadeth-1997-Cryptic Writings-02-Almost Honest
632.Led Zeppelin-1968-Led Zeppelin I-03-You Shook Me
633.Offspring-Gone Away
635.Ted Nugent-1975-Ted Nugent-04-Just What The Doctor Ordered
636.Buckcherry-1999-Buckcherry-01-Lit Up
637.Aerosmith-1987-Permanent Vacation-03-Rag Doll
638.Rolling Stones-1971-Sticky Fingers-06-Bitch
639.Screaming Trees-2005-Ocean Of Confusion-05-Shadow Of The Season
640.ACDC-1978-Powerage-02-Down Payment Blues
641.Mad Season-1995-Above-03-River of Deceit
642.Van Halen-1979-Van Halen II-03-Somebody Get Me A Doctor
643.ZZ Top-1979-Deguello-01-I Thank You
644.Soundgarden-1989-Louder Than Love-07-Loud Love
645.1989 -051 - skid row - 18 & life
646.Krokus-Screaming In The Night
647.Rush-2000-Different Stages-17-Test For Echo
649.Screaming Trees-Who Lies In Darkness
650.Black Sabbath-2004-Black Box..1970-1978-14-Fairies Wear Boots
651.Clash-1982-Combat Rock-03-Should I Stay Or Should I Go
652.Stone Temple Pilots-1992-Core-07-Creep
653.Deep Purple-1998-30 Years - The Very Best Of-09-Highway Star
654.Metallica-1988-...And Justice for All-03-Eye of the Beholder
655.Van Halen-1986-5150-02-Why Can't This Be Love
656.Steve Miller Band-1997-Greatest Hits-02-Fly Like An Eagle
658.Nirvana-1994-Unplugged in New York-12-Lake Of Fire
659.Led Zeppelin-1975-Physical Graffiti-09-Down By The Seaside
661.Sweet-2005-Sweet Fanny Adams-14-The Ballroom Blitz Bonus track
662.Alice In Chains-1990-Facelift-01-We Die Young
663.Kiss-1980-Hot Licks-08-Strutter
664.The Who-1971-Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy-12-The Magic Bus
665.Pearl Jam-1993-Vs.-02-Animal
666.Aerosmith-1973-Aerosmith-08-Walkin' the Dog
668.The Rolling Stones-1972-Exile On Main Street-05-Tumbling Dice
669.Ozzy Osbourne-1980-Ozzmosis-01-Perry Mason
670.Heart-2002-The Essential Heart-08-Heartless
671.ACDC-1995-Ballbreaker-01-Hard As A Rock
672.The Cars-1979-Candy-O-01-Let's Go
673.The Who-1969-Tommy-21-I'm Free
674.Lenny Kravitz-1993-Are You Gonna Go My Way-01-Are You Gonna Go My Way
676.White Zombie - 1995 - Astro Creep_ 2000 - 02-Super-Charger Heaven
677.Van Halen-Black & Blue
678.Tool-1996-?nema-05-Forty Six & 2
679.Led Zeppelin-1975-Physical Graffiti-11-Night Flight
680.Alice In Chains-1994-Jar Of Flies-03-I Stay Away
681.Triumph-lay it on the line
682.Judas Priest-1977-Sin After Sin-02-Diamonds And Rust
683.Jimi Hendrix-1997-Electric Ladyland-03-Crosstown Traffic
684.Led Zeppelin-1969-Led Zeppelin II-04-Thank You
684.Queensryche-Last Time In Paris
685.Plant Robert-1982-Pictures At Eleven-01-Burning Down One Side
687.Def Leppard-1981-High 'n' Dry-01-Let It Go
688.Bush-1994-Sixteen Stone-10-Glycerine
689.Aerosmith-1986-Greatest Hits-07-Draw The Line
690.Pearl Jam-1993-Vs.-01-Go
691.Foo Fighters-1997-The Colour And The Shape-07-My Hero
692.Black Sabbath-Mob Rules
694.Soundgarden-1994-Superunknown-02-My Wave
695.Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers-1979-Damn the Torpedoes-06-Don't Do Me Like That
696.Guns N' Roses-1991-Use Your Illusion II-01-Civil War
697.Led Zeppelin-1975-Physical Graffiti-10-Ten Years Gone
698.Sammy Hagar-1994-Unboxed-08-Three Lock Box
699.Faces-Stay With Me
700.Iron Butterfly-1968-In A Gadda Da Vida-06-In A Gadda Da Vida
 701.Van Halen-Little Guitars
702.The Doors-1967-Strange Days-07-People Are Strange
703.Pink Floyd-1994-The Wall-07-Goodbye blue sky
704.David Gilmour-1978-David Gilmour-02-There's No Way Out Of Here
705.Rush-1990-Chronicles-12-La Villa Strangiato
706.Rage Against The Machine-1992-Rage Against The Machine-02-Killing In The Name
707.George Thorogood & The Destroy-2004-Greatest Hits 30 Years of Rock-01-Move It On Over
708.ACDC-1976-Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap-05-Problem Child
709.Stone Temple Pilots-1992-Core-03-Wicked Garden
710.The Rolling Stones-Ain't Too Proud To Beg
711.Lynyrd Skynyrd-1989-Skynyrd's Innyrds-08-Saturday Night Special
712.Metallica-1995-Kill 'Em All-09-Seek & Destroy
713.Jimi Hendrix-1985-The Singles Album-21-Manic Depression
714.Black Sabbath-2004-Black Box..1970-1978-33-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
715.Joe Walsh-The Confessor
716.Aerosmith-1997-Nine Lives-11-Pink
717.Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon
718.Smashing Pumpkins - 1979 - 01 - 1979
719.Scorpions-1984-Love at First Sting-06-Big City Nights
720.Stone Temple Pilots-1994-Purple-02-Vasoline
721.Ozzy Osbourne-1980-Ozzmosis-05-See You On The Other Side
723.Led Zeppelin-1979-In Through The Out Door-02-South Bound Saurez
724.U2-1983-Under a Blood Red Sky-05-Sunday Bloody Sunday
725.Whitesnake-1984-Slide It In-05-Love Ain't No Stranger
726.Rush-1990-Chronicles-28-Show Don't Tell
727.Yes-1981-Classic Yes-09-I've Seen All Good People A. Your MoveB. All Good People
728.Soundgarden-1996-Down On The Upside-02-Rhinosaur
729.Stevie Ray Vaughn - Cold Shot
730.Iron Maiden-2002-Piece of Mind-03-Flight of Icarus
731.Van Halen-Runaround
732.The Rolling Stones-1977-Love You Live-17-Jumping Jack Flash
733.Def Leppard-1987-Hysteria-06-Armageddon It
734.Pearl Jam - State of Love and Trust
735.ZZ Top-1979-Deguello-03-I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
736.Bush-1994-Sixteen Stone-07-Machinehead
737.Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers-1979-Damn the Torpedoes-03-Even the Losers
738.Ozzy Osbourne-1980-Beast In The Darkness-01-I Dont Know
739.The Doors-1967-Strange Days-03-Love Me Two Times
740.Queensryche-The Lady Wore Black
741.The Cars-My Best Friend's Girl
742.The Cult-1985-Love-09-She Sells Sanctuary751.Stabbing Westward-What Do I Have To Do
743.Rush-1975-Fly By Night-04-By-Tor & The Snow Dog
744.Jerry Cantrell-Cut You In
745.The Tubes-Talk to Ya Later
746.Van Halen-1986-5150-04-Dreams
747.White Zombie - 1995 - Astro Creep_ 2000 - 05-Electric Head, Pt. 2 (The Ecstasy)
748.Deep Purple-Lazy
749.Metallica-1996-Load-04-Until It Sleeps
750.Joe Satriani-1987-Surfing With The Alien-04-Always With Me, Always With You
752.ACDC-1979-Highway To Hell-09-Love Hungry Man
753.The Rolling Stones-1970-Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!-10-Street Fighting Man
754.Scorpions-1982-Blackout-08-China White
755.Heart-1977-Little Queen-02-Love Alive
756.Pink Floyd-Pigs (Three Different Ones)
757.Chris Cornell-Sunshower
758.Bad Company-1976-Run With The Pack-06-Silver, Blue & Gold
759.Rush-1990-Chronicles-23-The Big Money
762.Van Halen-Secrets
763.Green Day-1997-Nimrod-17-Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
764.Fleetwood Mac-1988-Then Play on-06-Oh Well
765.Kiss-1982-Killers-10-God Of Thunder
766.Pat Travers-Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)
767.Aerosmith-1989-Pump-10-What It Takes
768.Boston-1997-Greatest Hits-04-Peace of Mind
769.Pat Benatar-Hell Is For Children
770.Ozzy Osbourne-2002-No Rest For The Wicked-01-Miracle Man
771.Breakfast in America
773.ZZ Top-1983-Eliminator-06-Legs
774.Metallica-1998-Garage Inc.-18-Breadfan - (originally recorded by Budgie)
775.Rolling Stones-2002-Forty Licks-24-Beast Of Burden
776.Van Halen-1996-Best Of Volume 1-11-When It s Love
777.Queen-2005-A Night At The Opera-04-You're My Best Friend
778.Alice In Chains-1995-Alice In Chains-12-Over Now
779.Tom Petty-1989-Full Moon Fever-01-Free Fallin'
780.Best Collection - The Best Heavy Metal Album Ever-12-Montrose-Rock The Nation
781.Led Zeppelin-1997-BBC Sessions-22-That's the Way
782.Pearl Jam-1998-Yield-04-Given To Fly
783.Spinal Tap-Big Bottom
784.Judas Priest-1981-Point Of Entry-03-Hot Rockin'
785.Soundgarden-1991-Badmotorfinger-04-Jesus Christ Pose
786.Rush-2000-Different Stages-20-Roll The Bones
787.Kenny Wayne Shepherd-Deja Voodoo
788.Van Halen-1996-Best Of Volume 1-12-Poundcake
789.Eric Johnson-Cliffs Of Dover
790.ACDC-1975-High Voltage-09-High Voltage
791.Lynyrd Skynyrd-1977-Street Survivors-05-You Got That Right
792.Guns N' Roses-1987-Appetite For Destruction-03-Nightrain
793.Jimi Hendrix-1985-The Singles Album-02-Stone Free
794.Jane's Addiction-1997-Kettle Whistle-12-Stop
795.Krokus-Stayed Awake All Night
796.Nirvana-1989-Bleach-03-About a Girl
797.Ted Nugent-Wango Tango
798.Stevie Ray Vaughn - Tightrope
799.Were Not Gonna Take It-Twisted Sister
800.Scorpions-1979-Lovedrive-04-Coast To Coast 
802.Deep Purple-Kentucky Woman
803.Black Sabbath-Psycho Man
804.Billy Squier - The Best Of - 09 - In The Dark
805.Van Halen-1978-Van Halen-07-Atomic Punk
806.Led Zeppelin-1982-Coda-03-I Can't Quit You Baby
807.Pearl Jam-1994-Vitalogy-08-Corduroy
809.Aerosmith-1986-Greatest Hits-10-Remember (Walking In The Sand)
810.Mother Love Bone-1992-Stardog Champion-06-Stargazer
811.Sammy Hagar-1994-Unboxed-03-I'll Fall In Love Again
812.Monster Magnet-Space Lord
813.Rush-1990-Chronicles-05-Bastille Day
814.Foreigner-1982-Records-10-Hot Blooded
815.Mad Season-1995-Above-04-I'm Above
816.The Cars-1979-Candy-O-11-Dangerous Type
817.Alice In Chains-1992-Dirt-11-Angry Chair
818.ZZ Top-A Fool For Your Stockings
819.Van Halen-Feels So Good
820.Queensryche-Take Hold Of The Flame
821.Pink Floyd-1973-Dark Side Of The Moon-04-The Great Gig In The Sky
823.Whitesnake-1984-Slide It In-02-Slide It In
824.Rush-1990-Chronicles-26-Time Stand Still
825.Mad Season-1995-Above-07-I Don't Know Anything
826.Scorpions-1980-Animal Magnetism-01-Make It Real
827.Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers-1993-Tom Petty Greatest Hits-03-Listen To Her Heart
828.Metallica-1998-Garage Inc.-09-Whiskey In The Jar - (originally recorded by Thin Lizzy)
829.Van Halen-1980-Women And Children First-07-Take Your Whiskey Home
830.Rolling Stones-2002-Forty Licks-22-Brown Sugar
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854.Robert Plant-1999-Now and Zen-03-Tall Cool One
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865.Beavis & Butt-Head Experience-04-Megadeth-99 Ways To Die
866.Aerosmith-1988-Toys In the Attic-07-No More No More
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965.Pearl Jam-2004-Rearviewmirror (Greatest Hits 1991-2003)-28-Last Kiss
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973.Pearl Jam-Leaving Here
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975.Scorpions-1990-Crazy World-01-Tease Me Please Me
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977.Heart-2001-Dog & Butterfly-04-Straight On
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980.Eagles-1982-The Eagles Greatest Hits, Vol. 2-04-Victim Of Love
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983.Hold Your Head Up (cover) MotherLoveBone
984.Pink Floyd-1994-Division Bell-11-High Hopes
987.Stevie Ray Vaughn - Change It
989.Pearl Jam-1998-Yield-05-Wishlist
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993.the - animals - the - house - of - the - rising - sun
994.Queens Of The Stone Age-1998-Queens Of The Stone Age-03-If Only
995.Cream-1990-Wheel of Fire-01-White Room
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998.The Beatles-1968-The White Album-01-Back In The Ussr
1000.Various Artists-1970-Super Hits of the '70s (CD21)-01-Black Betty - Ram Jam 

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